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As a trusted brand for over 45 years, DW Windsor has established itself as a leading provider of heritage lighting solutions.

With a rich heritage of skills and expertise, we are powered by people delivering outstanding products and services.

Timeless, authentic designs and award-winning optical performance make our heritage lanterns ideal for a wide range of applications from residential to the public realm.

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Our Heritage Lighting Range

An Authentic Science

Period styling is at the heart of our heritage lighting range, spanning from traditional Victorian-style lanterns with authentic detailing and ornate embellishments to more recent contemporary luminaires.

Maintaining the look and feel of heritage lighting is both an art and science in remaining authentic whilst complying with current lighting standards. We have perfected this balance over many years to become industry leaders in the craft of refurbishments and replicas.

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Sustainable Design Philosophy

Through the careful restoration of historic lanterns and columns, we're able to further support the circular economy by lengthening service life and reducing waste. In addition, by converting existing lanterns to LED technology, we're able to lower energy consumption and cut carbon emissions, helping our clients to reach their net-zero targets.

Tunable White Lighting

Our Heritage lighting range can now be specified with Tunable White technology, providing a flexible, dynamic solution for night-time illumination. By adjusting the luminaire’s colour temperature and brightness throughout the night, the innovative system can improve visual comfort, offering a sense of security while also minimising the impact on flora and fauna.

The system is easily and securely configured via Bluetooth using a smart device, either by directly setting the desired CCT and brightness or creating time-based scenes to dynamically change during the hours of darkness.

Lighting control solutions

Lighting controls can greatly enhance any environment in which they are installed, offering many benefits, from increased flexibility to help lower energy usage.
We offer a range of solutions from simple to advanced, designed for a variety of applications.

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