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Dark Sky Lighting

Solutions designed to eliminate light pollution and help preserve our night sky

At DW Windsor, we’re committed to supporting responsible outdoor lighting practices by delivering the right light, in the right place, at the right time. Our mission is to provide specifiers with the tools and guidance needed to eliminate light pollution and help protect biodiversity. To support this, we offer a range of DarkSky® Approved luminaires designed to enhance the beauty of outdoor spaces while helping to protect the night-time environment.

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DarkSky® Approved Luminaires

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In addition to our products, we can supply a wide range of DarkSky Approved luminaires in the UK through our partnership with Ligman. Click below to view its full range of approved products.


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About DarkSky®

DarkSky is a globally recognised authority on reducing light pollution, offering third-party certification through its DarkSky Approved program for lighting products that don't pollute the night sky


Key criteria for DarkSky® approval

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Upward Light

Luminaires must have an upward light output ratio (ULOR) of less than 0.5% or 50 lumens.

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Colour Temperature

Luminaires must have a maximum correlated colour temperature (CCT) of 3000K.

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Luminaires must have the ability to dim down to 10% of their maximum light output.

What is light pollution?

Light pollution is excessive, misdirected, or obtrusive artificial light that brightens the night sky. It disrupts ecosystems, harms human health, and obscures astronomical observations.

Light pollution is caused by the overuse or improper design of outdoor lighting products, such as streetlights, billboards, and architectural lighting. The emitted light scatters in the atmosphere interfering with our ability to see stars as well as disturbing the natural behaviours of wildlife and impacting circadian rhythms in humans.

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How light pollution can impact our ability to see stars and other objects in the night sky. © NOIRLab

Types of light pollution

How to prevent light pollution

The best way to eliminate light pollution is by adopting responsible lighting practices. For outdoor lighting there are several simple steps which can be taken to reduce its impact on the night-time environment without impacting on safety.

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The four principles of good outdoor lighting. Adapted from ©Rémi Boucher

Four steps to eliminate light pollution

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Dark Sky Lighting

DarkSky Approved luminaires, designed to

protect the night sky. Download the new

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Featured Dark Sky projects

A selection of schemes that have been illuminated using DarkSky Approved luminaires

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