Are you looking for simple, smart technology, safety through innovation and considerable energy savings in your rail project?

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Energy saving

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We can help you achieve 40%+ energy reductions and up to 200% savings on your maintenance contracts.

When we talk about efficiency at DW Windsor, we don’t just mean the energy saved by replacing traditional lamps with LEDs. We can help you achieve much more than that by also considering your maintenance schemes, column spacing and the integration of sensors allowing you to intelligently manage your lighting output.

Take a look at the video below which shows our intelligent re-programmable PIR sensor solution in action.

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Safety through innovation

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Safety is paramount when it comes to transport related projects and none more so than rail. Our innovative and robust Garda handrail system is designed to achieve high-performance lighting levels, compliant with British Standards. The fully patented anti-climb balustrade prevents anyone from using the product to climb the structure/bridge and cause harm.

This video shows how our handrail system can also be integrated into existing structures, providing light where it is needed along footpaths and over bridges.

Simple, smart technology

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Did you know that your existing lighting infrastructure provides the perfect backbone for a connected and intelligent control system?

We can help you to increase efficiencies across your entire asset infrastructure as well as give you the tools to provide your customers with the level of service they have to come to expect in a more connected and data-driven world. 

The benefits our smart technology solution can bring you, are:

  • Improved lighting that responds dynamically and improves the well-being of users
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings through reduced energy use
  • Improved asset management
  • Provides a network to connect new services and applications, such as environmental sensor monitoring, car park management and Bluetooth beacon deployment

DW Windsor lighting products have been designed so that this smart technology can be installed either at manufacture or as a retrofit. Meaning that all our products are future-fit.

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