An Introduction to Rail

Through sophisticated designs, controls and technology, DW Windsor can deliver lighting schemes that are innovative, positively affect the passenger experience and help meet the challenges of operating a modern railway.

By offering a comprehensive range of lighting and intelligent control solutions tailored to the Rail sector, the DW Windsor Group has extensive experience on rail projects. Over the years we have partnered with railway organisations, such as Network Rail, train operating companies including Great Western Railways, Arriva, Northern, and the Department for Transport. We have delivered lighting upgrades across the country as well as ground-breaking innovations and pilot trials.

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Lighting for rail benefits

Energy saving

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We can help you achieve 40%+ energy reductions and up to 200% savings on your maintenance contracts.

By offering upgrades to efficient LED products throughout a station, we can help your asset become cost and energy-efficient. Simple controls, presence sensors and smart dimming profiles can also be used to limit wasted energy during off-peak times. 

Safety through innovation

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Safety is paramount when it comes to transport-related projects and none more so than rail. DW Windsor and our smart IoT solutions brand, Urban Control are leading the way on anti-trespass solutions for platforms and level crossings, dynamic wayfinding to make passenger movement safer, and integrated systems that help vulnerable passengers get the assistance they need. 

Simple, smart technology

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Did you know that your existing lighting infrastructure provides the perfect backbone for a connected and intelligent control system?

By applying the latest innovations in lighting and control technology, we can deliver effective solutions to a range of challenges. This could be immediate alerts of maintenance requirements to ensure regulatory compliance or AI-assisted identification of those carrying out a deliberate act.

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