Garda lights the way on safer railway crossing

The challenge

As part of Network Rail’s safety programme, the ramped footbridge at Beards Lane, Stroud has been constructed by Carillion to replace two busy level crossings on the Swindon to Standish line. The line is being upgraded to increase capacity; increasing the speed and frequency of trains.

The new footbridge required sufficient lighting for pedestrians but needed to avoid light spillage onto adjacent properties.

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Key project requirements

  • Well-lit, safe railway crossing for pedestrians.
  • A lighting solution that avoids light spillage onto adjacent properties.

The solution

A safer solution for local people, including the large number of students from nearby schools and colleges. It is hoped the new footbridge will reduce the risk of misuse associated with crossings and provide a more accessible route across the railway.

We worked closely with Carillion from an early stage in the project to fine-tune the design of our Garda safety handrail, including features such as an anti-climb encasement to deter public access to the track from the bridge. The encasement, in addition to providing even illumination, carries power, data and communication cables in three isolated compartments. The LED modules have been incorporated in the underside of the sections, with cover plates neatly preventing access to inter-connecting cables.

From a single side of the bridge and staircase, the bespoke Garda system uses a high performance, asymmetric lens to focus the light distribution across the width of the walkways and stairs, where it is needed, and away from neighbouring properties.

" The bridge is very close to residential homes so it was important to avoid light spillage. The Garda system provides very precise light distribution with minimal spillage so it was ideal for this project. The fact that it allows the cabling to be integrated with the lighting meant we didn’t need to install separate cabling ducts, making for a much neater installation. The handrail and the anti-climb system provide a seamless appearance.  We are very pleased with Garda; it’s a high quality product and does the job well "

 Paddy Rosborough, Design Engineer at Carillion

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