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A British designer and manufacturer of lighting solutions


For organisations and professionals developing external environments, we make light work.

When you specify or purchase a DW Windsor product you place your trust in us. We’ve been around for over 45 years; you’re in safe hands.

We are a proud British company that manufactures products that look good and perform brilliantly. With a rich heritage of skills and expertise, we are powered by people who share a commitment to the delivery of outstanding solutions.

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Proud to be Made in Britain

Here at DW Windsor, we’ve always been proud of our local roots. We’ve a hard-won reputation for quality and performance-engineered products which we attribute to our skilled and loyal workforce – many of whom have spent their lifetime within British manufacturing. To this day we continue to use traditional methods to craft our heritage ranges, such as our flagship Windsor luminaire.

We are a proud member of the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign. The campaign supports and promotes British manufacturing, enabling buyers at home and abroad to easily identify British-made products.

Find out more about the Made in Britain Campaign here.

Supporting British suppliers

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    When sourcing components and raw materials, our policy is to work with other British companies, where we can, such as our foundry in the North of England where our functional road lanterns are cast. Supporting the employment and skill retention of other UK workforces is something we take seriously.

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