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At DW Windsor, we offer architectural lighting solutions designed to enhance the beauty of exterior spaces while also meeting the needs of both people and the environment. Our outdoor architectural lighting range blends modern, creative styling with high levels of performance to perfectly highlight architectural and landscaping features

From wall lights to floodlights, our contemporary architectural luminaire designs integrate seamlessly into any urban landscape. So whether you’re looking for a lighting solution that blends in—or one that stands out—we can support your individual project needs and help you to bring architecture to life with light.

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Architectural Lighting Solutions

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Why Architectural Lighting?

Architectural exterior lighting balances style, efficiency, and practicality, making it an indispensable element in any urban space. From enhancing the aesthetics of any building to mindful light distribution to the surrounding flora and fauna, these tailored solutions are a versatile and sustainable choice.

DW Windsor's range of architectural fixtures provides a powerful tool to enhance the visual landscape of any urban space. By carefully selecting the right luminaire, designers can achieve various effects, from dramatic and elegant to warm and welcoming.

Through advances in technology and performance, architectural luminaires provide more opportunities for control and flexibility by embracing the future of street lighting control opportunities from simple, stand-alone control to a full CMS solution.

Architectural applications are varied, from predominately pedestrianised areas to urbanised roads; no two projects are the same. Therefore, there is a need to provide a range of optical performances. DW Windsor's luminaires have been designed with circular, high-performing LED light engines that can be optimised for various distributions. 

Street and residential lighting fixtures have become even more environmentally friendly through marketing leading energy-efficient, linear LED lighting technology. Through significantly less electricity being consumed, there is a vast reduction in carbon emissions and energy costs.

DW Windsor believes in lighting responsibly, especially regarding environmental impact and our luminaires are designed with this in mind.

Daytona, our latest column-based luminaire, has been made to support the circular economy, influencing the replacement of light engines with toolless entry and outstanding service; the luminaire has been designed and built to last.

We continue to support the industry's ongoing efforts towards circularity, constructing our luminaires for durability without sacrificing quality or performance.

DW Windsor's architectural luminaires will continue to provide wayfinding and illumination that doesn't harm the effect of the surrounding flora and fauna. Our dedication to delivering a 0% upward light output ratio, contributing to the dark sky’s movement, has, and will continue to be, a priority, with luminaires like Daytona being approved by the International Dark-Sky Association.

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