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Garda is a bespoke, illuminated handrail system in grade 316 stainless steel. With either asymmetric or symmetric lighting distribution, it offers specifiers a versatile and virtually maintenance-free solution.

  • Garda can be rolled to mirror structural curves
  • Suitable for exterior or interior use
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly into an architectural scheme as well as offering a discreet emergency lighting solution
  • Garda offers a range of colour temperatures to suit project requirements and a variety of stanchion and mounting arrangements
  • 3 standard modules available; Garda, Garda Pro and Garda Comfort


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Lumen Range (lumens)204-1956

Material options


Offering symmetric and asymmetric performance for a large range of handrail applications.  At launch, Garda set the standard for handrail lighting.




LED module 3000K4000K3000K4000K
300mm 281lm 335lm 204lm 244lm
600mm 563lm 670lm 410lm 489lm
900mm 843lm 1004lm 616lm 733lm
1200mm 1126lm 1338lm 821lm 977lm



Garda Pro

Garda Pro is our NEW performance handrail solution with asymmetric distribution. Designed for schemes which require high (150lux) lighting levels and uniformity. Optimising lighting, performance and cost. 



LED module 3000K4000K
300mm 449lm 489lm
600mm 894lm 972lm
900mm 1349lm 1467lm
1200mm 1800lm 1956lm

Garda Comfort

Ensuring we have a solution for every project need; NEW Garda Comfort is now available, with no visible LEDs, offering a comfortable homogenous light, lower lighting levels of 30lux, yet still providing efficient lighting performance.



LED module 3000K4000K
300mm 300lm 320lm
600mm 654lm 703lm
900mm 1005lm 1081lm
1200mm 1367lm 1470lm



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Full control and conformity


  • Total flexibility offered with LED compatible switching, dimming and/or building management system controls
  • Integrated emergency 3 hour functionality


  • Class III electrical / IP66
  • Electrical integrity maintained with IP66 rated transformer enclosures and cable integrity
  • Surge protected
  • IK 10 shock resistant with anti-tamper fixings


  • Building Regulations Part K
  • Compliant with all relevant standards for structures, bridges and barriers for road, pedestrian, rail and water crossings
  • Specified loading requirements for wall or stanchion mounted handrail (BS 6180:2011) are accommodated
  • Lighting levels designed to customer specification or to meet the British Standard (BS 5489-1:2013)
  • Conforms to inclusive mobility requirements (BS 8300:2009+A1:2010): previously DDA

Manufactured in a Quality Assured Environment

  • ISO 9001 -  Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management
  • ISO 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management

Projects featuring Garda

Lumen Range (lumens): 204-1956
LED qty: 3-12

Garda® Anti-Climb

For projects where safety or whole-life cost is paramount, such as rail, consider our innovative anti-climb balustrade


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