Desirable period design with the latest LED technology

The challenge

Tornagrain is a new town in the Scottish Highlands, just 8 miles east of Inverness. Inspired by historic urban locations such as Nairn, what is immediately striking about the Tornagrain MasterPlan, is the fact that it doesn’t feel like a village full of new-build homes but one that has been around for centuries.

The developer’s goal was to establish modern country living; blending traditional design with modern practice. To ensure the town retained its character the Tornagrain Conservation Trust was created to help protect the town from inappropriate changes or additions.

This central theme dictated the need for lighting which emulated bygone eras but offered the performance of the latest LED technology.

Clients and partners

  • Developer

    ZeroC, part of Places for People

  • Partner

    Highlands Council and Moray Estates

Key project requirements

  • Modern efficient lighting technology which echoes the historic traditions of the area.

  • Meet the requirements of Lighting design requirements to BS5489-1:2013 & CIE 115: Residential roads - P3.

  • Lanterns compatible with DALI dimming.

  • Aluminium lighting columns, including hinged columns on remote footpaths.


The solution

DW Windsor’s flagship luminaire, our Windsor Street, in a neutral 4000K CCT, on aluminium Cardiff Columns perfectly met the criteria for the residential roads.

Mounted on 6 and 5 metre columns, Windsor offers award-winning optical performance, featuring the latest generation technology whilst preserving the elegance of the original lantern first conceived in 1976.

To add to the period charm, the Windsor Street lanterns frog mounted onto the columns have been painted Bottle Green RAL 6007.

To manage energy use and provide light when it is most needed the lanterns are dimmed by a DALI system, by 30% during midnight and 6am.

The development project was shortlisted in the 2019 Building Awards - Housing of the year category.

“DW Windsor were the natural choice for this development. Their products fit perfectly with the traditional aesthetic of Tornagrain, blending seamlessly into the urban landscape and helping to paint the picturesque image that the town strives to create.”

Alastair Struthers, Development and Sales Manager, Zero C - Places for People

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