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The challenge

The Cambridgeshire Fens cover an area of around 200 square miles, nestled between the cathedral city of Peterborough and the university town of Cambridge.

We are proud to be the preferred lighting manufacturer for Fenland District Council; supplying the Kirium Pro Mini for their LED replacement programme. 

As additional works, they asked us to carry out a lighting design to replace the existing 150W SON-T lanterns, which had reached their end-of-life, for the St Peter’s Church Terrace car park.

The Council car park is adjacent to St Peter & St Pauls, an Anglican church in the market town of Wisbech, dating back to the 12th century and the first Grade I listed building in the area. The car park provides 391 free spaces and operates 24-hours a day acting as essential visitor parking for the town centre. Set within a conservation area, it was vital that the chosen fitting complemented the surrounding environment. 

Garry Edwards, Engineering Manager, Fenland District Council explains, “The current luminaires had been discontinued and retrofitting new components would have presented warranty issues. We therefore decided to replace the lanterns and bracket arms and at the same time take the opportunity to upgrade to LED. The structural integrity of the existing columns was good, so they were retained, with the exception of three replacements which were necessary due to vehicle impacts.”

Clients and partners 

  • Contractor

    Cable Test

  • End client

    Fenland DC

Key project requirements

  • Replace existing lanterns with a similar ornate style that complemented the surrounding environment but with improved control and uniformity

  • An average of 10 lux to be achieved from a 4000K light source to provide a good level of contrast and luminance for the CCTV surveillance system

The solution

The scheme was originally designed in a 4000K CCT, which met the criteria for the car park but was later changed to Sunlike LED.

Garry Edwards, commented, “We recently attended DW Windsor’s London CPD and were really impressed with Alan Grant’s presentation on Sunlike LED. This scheme stood out as being an ideal use of Sunlike, given the tear drop bowl arrangement and proximity to residential properties. Whilst the existing lanterns utilise a tear drop bowl, the new luminaires would use a 4000K colour temperature compared to the existing 2000K. Furthermore, the continued research into the effect of blue light and the potential effects on human circadian rhythm captured my attention.

“After a few amendments, the DW Windsor applications team refined the design to incorporate a twin Sunlike CoB which was quickly approved.”

The Ely B with Performance CoB complements the architectural features of the Grade I listed church, whilst providing the efficiency, controllability and ease of maintenance of LED, for the 24-hour car park.

As Sunlike LED matches the spectral distribution of the sun, further benefits include reduced blue light content for wellbeing and local wildlife habitats, enhanced colour rendering (CRI: 95Ra) to support CCTV and facial recognition, visual comfort and low glare for the surrounding residences.

The scheme achieves an average of 12 lux.

“Sunlike LED really interested us and was ideal for what we wanted to achieve – great impact on our efficiency and performance without a negative impact on our residence and the local environment – DW Windsor immediately accepted the challenge and came up with a side by side optic configuration to achieve our required design levels.”  

Garry Edwards, Engineering Manager, Fenland District Council

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