Improved visibility and safety for Carlisle City Car Parks

The challenge

Carlisle City Council have started to reap the rewards of converting their street lighting to LED. With more energy savings to be gained, they decided to embark on an LED upgrade project for their public car parks. The main aim was to convert all council managed car park’s lighting to LED, utilising existing columns, to save energy costs and minimise investment costs.

Clients and partners

  • Client

    Carlisle City Council

Key project requirements

  • Upgrade all car park lighting to LED to reduce energy costs.
  • Use existing column positions.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable light for users.

The solution

Our Kirium Pro luminaire, with its wide choice of optics, met the requirements and was chosen to replace all of Carlisle City Council’s public car park lighting.

Esther Newton, Business Unit Manager, DW Windsor, details, “We were able to achieve the desired lighting levels utilising the existing column positions whilst minimising the amount of energy needed. This not only saves the council money on their energy bills but also reduces the initial investment in the new technology. Due to the choice of optics in the Kirium Pro range we were able to fulfil the requirements for all the car parks and achieve a large energy saving for Carlisle City Council  ”.

As an example, the Devonshire Walk car park, which serves visitors to the English Heritage site – Carlisle Castle, employed Kirium Pro 2 4000K, single and twin configurations to meet the requirements of CIBSE LG6 for surfaced car parks with a maintained average illuminance of 10lx. Our Kaskara twin and triple floodlights were also used to provide a controlled wide beam at the entrance/exit to the car park, providing extra safety and high visibility. The Devonshire Walk car park scheme delivered 83% energy savings for the council.

On average Carlisle City Council saved 70% of energy in their car park lighting upgrade scheme.

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