Highways England choose Kirium Pro for M1 motorway

The challenge

Highways England are in the process of delivering the biggest level of investment in England’s strategic road network for a generation. After decades of LED lighting becoming well established on major and minor roads, they have now started to implement LED on the UK’s motorways.

The M1 connects counties and communities between London and Leeds. Junctions 10 – 12 were recently earmarked for improvements to allow for Hard Shoulder Running (HSR), fuelling a lighting upgrade program.

Clients and partners

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  • Contractor

    Mason Street Furniture Ltd

  • Client

    Highways England

Key project requirements

  • Utilise LED to reduce maintenance.

  • Light main carriageway to lighting Class M2 – 1.5cd/m², 40% Uniformity, 70% Longitudinal Uniformity, Threshold Increment 10%.

  • Junction 11 slip roads: light to lighting Class M4 – 0.75cd/m², 40% Uniformity, 60% Longitudinal Uniformity, Threshold Increment 15%.

  • Junction 12 slip roads: light to lighting Class CE3 – 15 Lux 40% Uniformity.

The solution

The scheme, located near Luton Airport comprised of the replacement of 241 high pressure sodium lanterns with Kirium Pro’s from DW Windsor, onto existing columns.

Kirium Pro 1, 2 and 3’s in a 4000K colour temperature, answered all the requirements. Providing exceptionally efficient (up to 138lm/W) and uniform light from the central reservation, slip roads and road verges. The column heights ranged from 6 to 15M with spacing along the central reservation set at 43M, the slip roads vary from 33M to 15M for the smaller height columns

Six (of the 23-standard available) optic distributions were selected to deliver precision, low glare lighting, exactly where it is needed - along different points of the carriageway, whilst ensuring minimal spilt light and light pollution.

The newly-installed LED lights not only minimise energy usage and costs but also reduce maintenance and road closures meaning less disruption for drivers.

The project also included the installation of a CMS monitoring system which allows contractors to set dimming schedules and remotely control the lights, reduce operational costs and improve traffic planning; reducing disruption to road users.

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