55% energy savings for the Highlands

The challenge

The Highland Council are investing in 'spend to save' initiatives. With energy costs increasing, one focus is an LED upgrade programme. John Beaton, LED Replacement Co-ordinator for Highland Council, explains, “Currently we have a 3-year programme to replace all our existing lighting stock with LED lighting units, the project requirements include best value, a reduction in carbon emissions to lower our carbon footprint, increased lighting levels and energy efficiency  ”.

Clients and partners

  • Client

    Highland Council

Key project requirements

  • Replace lighting stock with best value LED solution.
  • Reduction in carbon emissions.
  • Increased lighting levels.
  • Reduction in energy consumption.

The solution

John continues “having considered a number of different options we concluded that the Kirium Pro family of lanterns provides a competitive lighting solution for both urban and rural environments, fulfilling all our requirements ”.

A combination of Kirium Pro 1’s on existing columns and lighting in new housing developments have been installed throughout the Highlands, generating energy savings of 55% per luminaire changed and an increase of 70% in the lumen package output. Additionally, all lighting will be dimmed between 00.00 – 06.00AM, creating further energy savings.

The upgrade to LED lighting is estimated to save around 16kg carbon per year, for every luminaire installed.


" Our previous experiences, over many years of working with DW Windsor, have all been extremely positive, their extensive range of luminaires and lumen packages have proved the ideal solution for projects from city to road and residential areas. Equally important is the support that comes with DW Windsor’s customer care "

 John Beaton, LED Replacement Co-ordinator for Highland Council

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