Wandsworth Borough Council relight public highways with LED

The challenge

We are pleased to be working with Wandsworth Borough Council (WBC) to relight their Highway Principal and Residential road network, supplying a total of 15,811 units over a one year period, delivering 330 luminaires per week.

Robbie Heuston, Project Manager at Wandsworth Council, explains, “In embarking on this project our aim was very clear. We planned to improve the quality of light on our roads for our residents, while reducing energy costs and carbon emissions with a luminaire that offers a longer lifecycle compared to our existing street lighting ”.

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    Wandsworth Borough Council

Key project requirements

  • Residential Roads: 6/9m columns – P1 Neutral White Dimmed at 50% from 12 midnight to 6am.
  • Main Roads: ME3c, Neutral White and Not Dimmed.
  • Warranty period of 10 years.
  • Life expectancy of 25 years/100,000 hours.
  • Ingress Protection minimum:  IP66 (Gear compartment & Optical compartment).
  • Luminaires should have a ‘retro upgradable’ capability for LED replacement.
  • Dimming without the need for a central management system.

The solution

A combination of our Kirium Pro 1 and Kirium Pro Mini answered the requirements and will provide exceptionally efficient (up to 138lm/W) quality light on Wandsworth Borough’s road network. With it’s lifetime of 100,000 hours L90, it more than exceeded the existing luminaires.

Featuring Diamond+ technology, an evolution of our award-winning Diamond Optic® reflector, with Kirium the council can create lighting distributions to match the requirements of different main and residential roads throughout the borough, from a single luminaire.

Kirium’s glare free light will vastly improve night time driving conditions for both road users and pedestrians. On the residential roads Kirium Pro Mini will dim to 50% after midnight, saving the council further energy costs when full power is not required.

" Our selection criteria were almost equally weighted between price and quality. Our residents’ safety is our number one priority but we needed a cost-effective luminaire for the job. We chose DW Windsor as the main supplier because they represented both. The light quality has improved and the council will save over £360,000 per year in energy savings, existing lamp replacement costs under the current 6 year life cycle and also extra potential savings of £78,000 through the Carbon Reduction commitment scheme. We were more than impressed with the predicted luminaire lifetime, reducing our long term maintenance costs "

Robbie Heuston, Project Manager at Wandsworth Council

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