What is 3p-Technology®? 

A cost saving mounting system




The patented 3p-Technology® system in our bollards provides design and repair benefits to architects and maintenance contractors. 

3p-Technology® enables damage to be repaired at a fraction of the cost of standard bollard repair, by limiting damage to the product on impact and leaving foundations intact.

It also allows the temporary removal of the bollards, for example for markets or emergency access. Or quick and easy updates to your landscape design.

Future-proof your scheme, choose 3p-Technology®. 


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3P technology damage protection feature 548x548px2

Damage protection

   The system is extremely robust

   Foundations are not disturbed or destroyed

•   The ground shell and product stay intact 

•   Only needs repairing if it suffers an impact great enough to make the junction fail

3P technology low cost feature 548x548px

Low-cost, speedy repairs

•   In under 3-minutes 

•   With simple tools and unskilled labour

•   Low-cost junction piece: the only element that will require replacement

3P technology planning and maintenance 548x548px

Planning & maintenance

   Can be temporarily removed to create space for emergency or market access

•   Base covers protect ground shells to reduce the risk of tripping

•   Bollards with 3p-Technology® can be interchanged or updated for other 3p products

Products featuring 3p-Technology®

" For parks and public realm, shopping centres, city streets and communities, transport terminals, universities and more, the 3p-Technology® is the best system currently available "

Mounting options

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Accessories & special requirements

Special paintwork, reflective films, eyelets and chains available on request

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Alternative forms of 3p-Technology®


Junction piece with steel spring

When pressure is applied to 3p-Flex bollards, the steel spring allows movement, preventing the bollard, ground shell and foundations from being damaged.

  • On impact, the bollard will flex between 8° and 10°, before returning to its original position when pressure is reduced
  • Junction piece needs to be replaced even less frequently
  • Additional costs for the junction piece are quickly recouped
  • Damage to the vehicle is reduced


Junction piece with high level access

In some selected bollard models, access to the 3p-Technology® can be moved 300mm above the standard position. This enables locking and unlocking using long-handled openers. This options requires a longer junction piece. 

3p-High is available for the following models: