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An energy-efficient, cost-effective lighting upgrade

A lighting upgrade in the St Magnus Cathedral to help cut costs has shed new light on the beauty of the building and earlier this year, it also revealed centuries’ old stonemason’s marks.


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St Magnus Cathedral

The new energy-efficient LED lights – which have been installed both inside and outside the St Magnus Cathedral replacing existing lamps which are over 30 years old – are expected to run at about one-tenth the cost of the old lamps. With an average life expectancy of about 15 years compared to the old lamp life of one to two years, the new LED lamps will also save on maintenance. It’s projected that the work will save around £8,000 per year on power, before any increases in current electricity costs, plus more than £3,000 a year on servicing costs.

OIC Inspection Manager, Keith Foubister, said: “Contractors replaced all the old light fittings to bring them up to date with the standards expected in such a magnificent and prestigious building”.

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