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Innovative colour-changing pyramid lighting

The 41-storey Millenia Tower stands proudly in Singapore’s Marina Bay, staking its claim as one of the tallest buildings in the city. 

Developed as luxury offices by Pontiac Land Group in 1996, it boasts panoramic views of the city and the building is famed for its instantly recognisable pyramid crest. However, with competition growing in the city’s rising skyline, Pulsar was selected to supply the LED Lighting for this Singapore tower, and help them outshine their competition.

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Pontiac Land Group approached Magic Monkey lighting designer Marc Largent to design a LED lighting scheme for Millenia Tower that would interact with events during the annual National Day Parade in 2015, located only a short distance away.

Largent called on various lighting manufacturers to submit proposals that would fill the ‘pixel dimensions’ of the building’s apex. The pyramid’s 41m height is split into 4 tiers and it was requested that the lights were to illuminate a column-width of mesh up to the height of the next level.

This was an all-round challenging brief; fitting the split pyramid dimensions so precisely whilst ensuring no light escaped these dimensions certainly required some innovative thinking.

The client also requested that the light sources stay hidden. This gave the task an extra level of complexity as Pulsar searched for clever ways to conceal our products.

Our team developed a custom Lens Plate and Snoot for the floodlight to fit the pixel dimensions of the pyramid exactly and prevent direct light escaping from the fixtures. Following various LED lighting tests in Singapore examining beam-angle and light output, the solution offered by Pulsar was chosen because of its superior light distribution, ability to produce any shade and colour temperature of white, and industry-leading smooth dimming.

A QuickLink integrated cable-management solution allowed us to address and configure the fixtures remotely, making hidden light sources possible. As a bonus, this single lead carrying both power and DMX data also provided a considerable saving on installation time and cost.

The LED lights are controlled by a state-of-the-art system supplied by d3 Technologies that feeds through Pulsar’s data distribution infrastructure of 14 DS5 DMX Splitters. These lead on to 40 of our ChromaZone dimmable LED drivers and 368 floodlights.

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The multi-coloured LED lights dramatically increased the status of the Millenia Tower building, with the LED lighting of Singapore’s National Parade Day event a great success.

Pulsar also impressed local installation partner DiMeLED with their diligence and brilliant results from the project. They said: “We strongly recommend Pulsar Light of Cambridge as a premium LED lighting solution, given their superior quality, reliability and strong support for their partners.”

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