London Eye, South Bank of the River Thames

The challenge

To manufacture a lantern which conformed to the stringent requirements of English Heritage but which would also fit the existing cradles – none of which were the same shape. Our main challenge was to ensure the light was directed onto the walkways and not allowed to spill backwards onto the river.

Clients and partners

  • Client

    Fulcrum Consulting Engineers

Key project requirements

  • Light must be directed onto the walkways and not allowed to spill backwards onto the river.

The solution

We were initially contacted to restore the existing globes. Whilst the existing sturgeon-mounted globe lanterns were ideally placed, unfortunately, they had no optical control and were in extremely poor condition.

Our experience on the Chelsea Embankment project enabled us to replicate the globes whilst using modern materials and manufacturing techniques, although the existing crowns were reused and restored to satisfy English Heritage requirements. The replica lanterns had a high IP rating of IP65 (for the entire lantern), and utilizing our patented Diamond Optic® reflector system created the high level of optical control needed. Our unique beam configuration also allowed excellent cut-off to control glare and minimise light spill.

Two additional lanterns were also manufactured, based on the replica globes but of a slightly more modern appearance. They were mounted on modern tapered columns and located along the far edge by the ticket office; this ensured sufficient light reached the centre of the queuing area.

Fulcrum Consulting, Marks Barfield Architects and the London Eye were all pleased with the service provided by us. By replacing the existing globes with new ones with improved optics and lamp types, we could fulfil the brief to light the area to as high a level as possible while being more sympathetic to the current landscape design.

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