Albert Embankment & The Oxo Tower, Queen's Walk

The challenge

This prestigious project was awarded to us following our refurbishment and replica work on another famous London river wall; Chelsea Embankment. It is a project testament to true collaboration and partnership between four parties; TfL (the Client), Atkins Odlin (Consulting Engineer), McNicholas PLC (Contractor) and ourselves. Phase One of the project required the refurbishment of sixty-six 135-year-old pedestal units and replica lanterns on the Embankment Wall, along the Southbank, from Westminster Bridge to Vauxhall Bridge, a stretch of around one mile. Additionally, fifty-nine units were commissioned by South Bank Employers’ Group (SBEG), from the London Eye to the Oxo Tower. 

Our main challenge on this project was due to the location; working opposite the Houses of Parliament at a time of high-security threat meant that the police were actively involved in patrolling the site, so work was often interrupted to prove identities.

Clients and partners

  • Client


  • Partner

    Atkins Odlin

  • Partner

    McNicholas PLC

Key project requirements

  • Retain the original crown and restore it to its original glory. Approval of our design had to be gained from English Heritage.
  • Work on the pedestal units had to be carried out on-site due to the risk of damaging the listed river wall and the significant weight.
  • Scaffolding had to be free-standing whilst also considering The Port of London (PLA) regulations which stipulated that navigation lights were required to ensure river safety.

The solution

A replica globe with a high-performance optic fitted with internal shields to mitigate spill towards the river was the solution. Within the globe, a specially designed cone allowed just sufficient upward light over the upper part of the globe - this ensured the globe was seen in its entirety and not just the lower hemisphere.

The pedestals were shot blasted to remove the many layers of paint, and any missing details were re-cast and applied before the units were newly re-painted.

This project allowed us to demonstrate our flexible approach and strong project management skills, restoring the luminaires and pedestals to their original splendour. Our high-performance Diamond Optic® reflector ensures optimal performance and uniformity, making the Embankment a safer, more pleasant environment after dark.

Ken Livingstone officially switched on the new riverside lights along the Southbank on Thursday, 28 July 2005.

" We have enjoyed an enthusiastic and eager approach from DW Windsor on previous refurbishment projects, and there seemed little reason to change the successful working relationship for the refurbishment of the sturgeon lighting columns along this section of the Southbank, adjacent to LET and the Oxo Tower. The combination of excellent workmanship and value that DW Windsor brings to the project makes them undeniable leaders in the field of refurbishing lamp columns "

Chris Elcome, Senior Engineer at Atkins Odlin

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