Dusk till dawn operation for Powerday, achieved with performance LED floodlighting

The challenge

Powerday operates the largest and most efficient waste recycling facility in Southern England.  We worked with consultant Silcock Dawson to find an appropriate solution to illuminate their redeveloped Enfield site. With a capacity to process over 330,000 tonnes of waste, lighting for safety and improving productivity were key concerns on the previously unlit site.

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    Silcock Dawson

Key project requirements

  • Lighting for safety in a busy service yard.
  • Improve productivity of the site.
  • Low maintenance lighting solution needed.

The solution

Now providing a safe working environment for its heavy-goods traffic into and on-site, and providing a dusk-till-dawn operation, Kaskara, a highly efficient (up to 128lm/W) professional low-glare floodlighting solution which requires little to no maintenance, was specified.  Perfect for busy service yards, our Kaskara 3 (4000K), a performance asymmetric LED flood light provided an average 50 lux through a combination of building mounted and column mounted luminaires.

Floodlighting has long been the go-to solution for industrial and commercial facilities for good reason, and while metal halide has always been the traditional light source of choice, LED solutions are increasingly challenging this.

To meet the same lighting levels with a metal halide solution would have used 66% more energy and required re-lamping every 2 years; choosing a low-power, low maintenance solution was, therefore, a no-brainer.

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