Safe and secure lighting solutions

The challenge

In its report ‘Passenger Perceptions of Personal Security on the Railways’ (May 2016), the independent watchdog Transport Focus found that just 64% of passengers feel safe while travelling by rail after dark, compared to 98% during daylight hours. This concern is particularly felt in smaller, unmanned stations, where the situation is compounded by the requirement to conserve energy – as station managers are unable to justify lighting spaces that may be empty for large stretches of time.

As a result, when tasked with refurbishing Crediton Railway Station in Devon, SSE Enterprise Rail, required responsive lighting solutions that could deliver long term energy savings, whilst still providing enough illumination to ensure the station appears open and safe.

Clients and partners

  • Client

    Great Western Railway

  • Contractor

    SSE Enterprise Rail

Key project requirements


  • Lighting solutions that meet the rail standards of 150 lux on stairs and 100 lux on overbridges.

  • Clear illumination of signage and platform edges, while also minimising glare.

  • Energy efficient and cost-effective solution needed, with motion-sensitive lighting controls.

The solution

We worked to supply Crediton Station in Devon with a responsive solution, which comprised products from our Kirium Pro 1 collection. The lighting systems are controlled via PIR sensors, which are set to dim lighting performance down to 20% output when no motion is detected after a given amount of time; reducing energy use while maintaining enough illumination that the station appears open and welcoming to passengers.

Our Garda illuminated handrails were also specified on the stairs to meet the necessary lighting standards, while our Garda Anti-Climb model was installed on the overbridges to prevent anyone from using the product to climb the structure and potentially gain access to the train tracks.

Luminaires from DW Windsor’s Kova range were also used under the station canopy and in the platform waiting rooms, which benefit from a hard-wearing anti-vandal, flame-resistant finish. Additionally, the solutions feature an integral presence detection and dimming capacity, to ensure lighting supply is tailored to the required levels.

“We were looking for a high-performance solution that could deliver excellent clarity of illumination in a reliable, cost-effective way. We worked closely with DW Windsor to design the lighting specification for Crediton Station and chose the Kirium Pro 1 products as they neatly fulfilled our requirements on all of these fronts. The fact that they contain in-built controls was also very appealing, as it enabled us to deliver the high-quality responsive lighting solution required by this particular application.”

Ben Franklin, Project Engineer at SSE Enterprise Rail

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