Whether you're in charge of (or specifying for) a city-wide lighting installation, a private estate or a commercial car park we offer a wide array of lighting control solutions, from photocells to full Central Management Systems (CMS).

To allow our customers the greatest flexibility, our luminaires are compatible with all available CMS's.

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The 3 levels of lighting control 

From simple to advanced

Simple, stand-alone control

Factory-set dimming, time switches, photocells and presence detectors. Control at its simplest form.

Recommended for areas with light traffic, such as building perimeters, pedestrian zones and access roads that need basic smart lighting; saving energy when not in use.


  • Automatic daylight dimming
  • Eco-friendly on/off presence detection
  • Full manual and dependable control


Connected sensors

A cost-effective control solution with low complexity that doesn't require specialised commissioning or central control modules. Dimming profiles can be adapted on-site, usually by connecting a device wirelessly to one luminaire. A great first step before building up to a full CMS solution. Allows for one-to-one control or for luminaires to communicate together in a small closed wireless network. Can be further enhanced through features, such as dimming schedules or dusk/dawn switching.

Recommended for privately owned areas such as car parks, service yards, parks and squares that require direct control by a facilities manager.


  • Wireless control via Bluetooth or NFC
  • Easy-to-change settings
  • Compatible with luminaires using sensor-ready drivers
  • A future-proof solution that can be upgraded
  • Secure access through device ownership & cloud backup


Smart control

A state-of-the-art remote CMS solution built on robust wireless communication networks and connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices. CMS provides the foundation for local authorities to build Smarter Cities through strategic flexibility. Real-time control, connected assets, monitoring and dynamic management of lighting infrastructure are all enabled by CMS. Scalable solutions are equally suited for both large cities/smaller boroughs and private networks, such as university campuses.

Recommended for wider-scale control, monitoring and value-added Smart City solutions


  • Real-time wireless control
  • Failure tracking & analysis
  • Inventory management
  • Batch control of a group of devices
  • Data history displayed in dynamic & interactive charts
  • Scheduling manager to define control programs
  • Over-the-air firmware updates
  • Energy metering for utility billing


Benefits of control 

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