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DW Windsor announces next-generation street lighting solution

January 2023


DW Windsor announces next-generation street lighting solution

Exterior lighting specialist unveils new, more sustainable functional luminaire with a focus on exceptional performance and increased versatility.

Leading exterior lighting solutions provider DW Windsor has launched its latest functional street lighting solution, Kirium Pro S, which sets new standards in efficiency, sustainability and connectivity. Developed to support operators working to minimise energy consumption, cut carbon emissions and reach net zero targets, the new luminaire offers exceptional performance and longevity, promising to lower running costs and deliver significant long-term savings for the taxpayer.

Building on the success of their popular Kirium Pro range, Kirium Pro S has been designed as a more sustainable lighting solution to meet the needs of both people and the environment. In addition to market-leading efficiency of up to 192lm/W, it features a new lightweight design, which minimises material usage and reduces its overall carbon footprint. The luminaire also embraces circular economy principles, achieving an ‘Excellent Circularity’ score under the TM66 assessment method. 

With multiple LED configurations and a choice of 14 Diamond+ optics, Kirium Pro S offers targeted illumination to direct light only where it’s needed, offering comfort and safety for road lighting applications while also helping to protect local wildlife and surrounding areas. The luminaire also has a 0% ULOR (Upward Light Output Ratio) to help combat light pollution and minimise sky glow.

Versatility was a key consideration when designing the new street light. Flexibility on-site and the ability to make last-minute adjustments are crucial to a successful installation programme. Kirium Pro S is therefore offered with adjustable tilt and several mounting options, including a new Adaptable Mounting Block, which can easily switch from post top to side entry mounting without needing to disconnect pre-fitted cabling. 

Kirium Pro S offers immediate energy savings while helping lower carbon emissions. At the same time, its more sustainable design, excellent circularity, and increased versatility offer our clients very clear social, economic and environmental benefits.

—Esther Newton, Co-Managing Director 

Special consideration has been given to the serviceability of Kirium Pro S. Toolless entry provides quick access to control gear from below, enabling easy maintenance in all weather conditions. At the same time, flat glass glazing is easy to clean, helping to save time when servicing the light. For added safety, the luminaire can also be specified with an auto-disconnect function which cuts the electrical connection when the cover is open.

Kirium Pro S launches with a full suite of control and connectivity options which can provide additional energy savings and extend its service life beyond 100,000 hours. The luminaire is Zhaga D4i certified and can accommodate a range of sensors and networking devices via the optional NEMA and Zhaga sockets in the top and bottom locations.

Esther Newton, Sales Director at DW Windsor, said: “At DW Windsor, our goal is to develop solutions that support the needs of our customers whilst delivering real-world change through responsible lighting.

“Kirium Pro S offers immediate savings on energy usage while helping to lower carbon emissions. At the same time, its more sustainable design, excellent circularity, and increased versatility offer our clients very clear social, economic and environmental benefits.”

Kirium Pro S launches in two sizes, while a larger version is due for release in Q2 2023. All models share a unified design language to provide a consistent appearance across schemes.

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