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Light only where it is needed

January 2017

Light helps us see our way and feel safe at night, but it can also distract and cause an unwanted intrusion

Garda offers a flexible solution providing light where it is wanted and protecting areas where it is not.


  • Integrated LED light into a handrail or other structure.
  • Illuminates changes of level: steps, ramps and bridges.
  • Offers additional security with facial recognition.
  • Installations are reversible for conservation projects.
  • Provides light at an accessible height for ease of maintenance.

Controls light spill

Genuine asymmetric distribution is achieved through optical control, without the need to tilt the handrail. This gives an absolute cut-off, concentrating light onto the task. The low mounting height and controlled optical distribution prevents glare for users of steps and ramps and avoids nuisance light spill onto adjacent areas.

Light only on the steps and not on the rail tracks

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No nuisance light into neighbouring properties

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Light does not spill onto the water

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Minimised impact on bats or other wildlife

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The anti-climb encasement can carry power, data and communication cables in three isolated compartments.

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Seamless uniformity achieved using the handrail on the steps and anti-climb encasement on the footbridges. Garda can be finished in different coatings such as Network Rail yellow. The coating also offers warm-to-touch properties, for the benefit of Raynaud’s Syndrome sufferers.

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" I’m glad to see this new bridge come into completion, and already seeing so many use it; elderly and young pedestrians, cyclists and those with pushchairs "  Cabinet Member for Roads and Transport, Councillor at Suffolk County Council > Anti-climb handrail illuminates A14 cycle & footbridge

" Utilising DW Windsor’s Garda illuminated handrail has enabled us to effectively and safely light the scheme, whilst reducing the carbon footprint of the site through reducing maintenance cycles "  Principle Lighting Engineer, City of Westminster > Performance LED handrail transforms dark and unwelcoming steps

" The Garda system provides very precise light distribution with minimal spillage so it was ideal for this project "  Design Engineer, Carillion > Garda lights the way on safer railway crossing

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