Huntingdonshire create focal point with LED

The challenge

Godmanchester Town Council wanted to improve the lighting around their historic Grade II listed office building, including a landmark bridge which has stood since 1827. Godmanchester Chinese Bridge, now in its fourth generation, spans the mill stream on the River Great Ouse and provides access to open grassland and riverbank walks. The old halogen floodlighting was no longer working, leaving the area dark and uninviting.

Clients and partners

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    Huntingdonshire District Council

Key project requirements

  • Lighting the bridge, without causing obtrusive light.
  • Refurbishment of an existing bracket in conjunction with an appropriate heritage lantern over the main entrance of the Council offices.
  • Designing a bespoke bracket for aiming the LED floodlights.
  • Refurbishment and new lighting on Grade II listed buildings.

The solution

Pete Lummis, project engineer at Huntingdonshire District Council was clear in his vision; to create a focal point with LED, complementary to the surrounding Son lighting.

The bridge was illuminated with our Kaskara floodlight, with chip-on-board LED; the light source directed onto the white structure via unique double asymmetric floodlight reflectors. A 4000K LED was selected to emphasise the Chinese bridge and provide contrast to the surrounding Son lighting.

Son lighting was used to bring out the warm tones of surrounding buff-coloured brickwork. We refurbished the existing heritage bracket and replaced the luminaire; our traditional Berkeley luminaire was approved by the conservation officer. Tizona Son floodlights were additionally used for their discrete appearance.

The council are delighted with the scheme that balances the use of LED and Son lighting and Godmanchester now has a well-lit, warm inviting area that leads to its stunning footbridge. 

" People are delighted with the new lighting scheme. It is subtle and sensitive, highlighting the beauty of our iconic Chinese bridge at night "

 Peter Morgan, Mayor of Godmanchester

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