Croudace Head Office gets a makeover

The challenge

Croudace Homes Group, a privately-owned house builder, required a mixture of architectural and functional lighting to complete a car park refurbishment at their head office in Surrey.

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    Croudace Home Group

Key project requirements

  • Working to a fluid design brief and within financial constraints, while ensuring the best value products were selected.
  • Finding a quality solution which considered the existing building and street furniture, along with the new landscaping.
  • Quality products which would sympathetically highlight focal points.

The solution

We worked with Croudace to select the right lighting solution to suitably light their car park and the surrounding landscaped areas. Set in a village location, we had to be mindful of the impact the lighting would have on the surrounding neighbourhood.

Together we opted for Milano lanterns to provide safe and functional lighting for the car park. While Pharola Dark Sky bollards, which provide 0% upward light, were used for guidance and ambience with no light pollution. Iria was selected for the architectural lighting and to highlight the new foliage. The scheme used 4000K CCT lamps and due to the light traffic use, the car park was lit to the recommend 5lx.

" We selected DW Windsor as we have worked with them for many years and value their quality products, product range, aesthetics and in-house expertise. Although we had already selected the luminaires and bollards, we sought advice regarding the most appropriate recessed/ground architectural lighting. When there were any design concerns i.e. the LUX of ground lights we could liaise face-to-face with our rep which alleviated the perceived/potential issues. The finished design and overall project has been received very positively by the company’s directors and employees with specific reference to the materials, landscaping and lighting "

 Kristoffer Holmes, Senior Engineer for Croudace Homes Limited

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