Combining specialist design with the latest LEDs for Bedford Borough Council

The challenge

Bedford’s Town Bridge has historically been the subject of numerous paintings and drawings. The most famous artist to have featured it was J.M.W Turner, who in 1831 painted a view of the bridge in his ‘Picturesque Views in England and Wales’.

In 2015 Bedford Borough Council were awarded Department for Transport (DfT) funding after successfully completing a bid for the DfT Maintenance Challenge Fund. The monies were awarded to replace their street lighting stock with the latest LED lanterns, and any life-expired lighting columns. The borough also contributed capital money to the scheme. Some areas within the borough have specialist lighting equipment, therefore the challenge was to match the existing equipment and replace with new CMS controlled LED lanterns. The Town Bridge and surrounding Embankment areas were a specific area of focus.

Clients and partners


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    Bedford Borough Council

Key project requirements

  • An energy efficient LED solution to closely match the design of the existing luminaires.
  • Light the bridge to 30lx maintained average illuminance with 40% overall uniformity.
  • Integrated CMS control.

The solution

Our Pall Mall luminaires with frog mounting met the specified criteria, lighting the bridge to 39.37lx maintained average illuminance and 40% overall uniformity.

Utilising the DW Windsor twin module LED light engine, 3000k, with optic configuration 5/25 and a Telensa Node and Antenna, provides award winning optical performance with the spacings of the existing columns.

The sleek, traditional design offers a high-quality energy efficient light, without compromising the overall aesthetic effect.  Integrated CMS gives the council centralised control of their luminaires. This allows them to react quicker to any failures and to dim lights outside of peak hours, keeping residents safe while saving a considerable amount of energy.

The installation has reduced power consumption by 2.2kW and saved 8,800kWh per year.

" The end result is perfect for the area and in keeping with the existing style. This allows new technology to have a traditional feel without compromising our targets and specification for the overall DfT Project "

Peter Williams, Senior Electrical Engineer at Bedford Borough Council

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