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DW Windsor Looks to the Future with Expanded Street Lighting Portfolio

November 2021


DW Windsor Looks to the Future with Expanded Street Lighting Portfolio

British manufacturer extends their range of contemporary street lighting solutions with a future-proofed luminaire that combines versatility and performance.

Leading exterior lighting solutions provider DW Windsor is proud to announce the launch of its latest product innovation, Daytona. With replaceable light modules, an elegant design and the power to adapt to the needs of its surroundings, Daytona is set to transform the illumination of urban spaces.

Daytona is an intelligent lighting solution that helps specifiers deliver the right light at the right time. Its modern design and advanced features make it ideal for a range of civic applications, including the illumination of urban and residential roads, pedestrian and cycle paths, and public spaces.

The need for versatile lighting and sustainability has never been more important for urban living and our environment. Daytona is a highly efficient, Connected Spaces Ready solution with an outstanding service life to support the circular economy. The luminaire features interchangeable light engines that can be upgraded as new innovations come to market, whilst toolless entry ensures Daytona is easy to maintain.

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Daytona is DW Windsor's first range to integrate Tunable White technology as standard, providing a flexible, dynamic solution for night-time illumination

Daytona is also DW Windsor’s first luminaire to be offered with Tunable White technology as standard, providing designers with a flexible solution for night-time illumination. The system can be specified with two separate transition ranges: 4000K to 2700K, or 3000K to 2200K, and the luminaire’s control system can be configured for multiple scenarios using a simple and intuitive app.

By automatically adjusting the luminaire’s colour temperature and brightness throughout the night, the innovative system can improve visual comfort, offering a sense of security whilst also minimising the impact on wildlife and biodiversity. For example, Daytona can be programmed to begin illuminating at 3000K when night falls and transition to a warmer, softer 2200K overnight, when fewer road users and pedestrians are present.

The ability to manage light responsibly was a key consideration when developing the new Dark Sky friendly luminaire. To help minimise light pollution, Daytona has a 0% ULOR (Upward Light Output Ratio) and is compatible with the latest lighting control technologies, including a range of NEMA and Zhaga compliant sensors and network solutions. Discreet light shields that echo Daytona’s circular design can also be fitted when illuminating sensitive areas.

“Daytona represents an exciting new platform within our contemporary lighting range that is adaptable, versatile and reliable, both now and in the future,” said Mitch Waite, Sr. Product Manager at DW Windsor. “With flexible control systems and Tunable White technology, we are giving specifiers the tools they need to tackle the ongoing challenges of balancing the safety of pedestrians and road users, with the issues of light pollution and the impact on biodiversity.”

Daytona can be specified with multiple light distributions and is offered in three colour temperatures, 4000K, 3000K and 2700K, in addition to Tunable White. The range is manufactured from high-pressure die-cast LM6 corrosion-resistant aluminium and features a toughened lens. In addition, it is IP66 rated for weather resistance and offers impact protection up to IK10.

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