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DW Windsor Launches SupportTag System to Simplify Luminaire Maintenance Process

September 2021


DW Windsor Launches SupportTag System to Simplify Luminaire Maintenance Process

British manufacturer unveils innovative solution to support customers and extend the life of its products

Leading exterior lighting specialist DW Windsor is proud to announce the release of SupportTag: an intelligent solution that streamlines the luminaire maintenance process for customers, helping contractors to save time and reduce servicing costs.

Designed to help on-site service teams quickly identify and report potential luminaire faults, SupportTag provides access to crucial product information and the ability to speak directly to one of DW Windsor’s technical experts.

Luminaires fitted with a SupportTag label ensure maintenance issues will be handled as efficiently and effectively as possible. By simply scanning the label’s QR code, engineers can access important project details, including unique product information and, if necessary, request replacement parts.

Accessibility and ease of use were key considerations when developing the new system. As a result, the web-based platform is compatible with any smart device, including mobile phones and tablets.

To resolve issues as quickly as possible, DW Windsor has ensured that maintenance engineers can always speak to a member of SupportTag’s technical support team using a dedicated phone line or via the system’s live webchat.

“This platform provides quick access to installation, maintenance and repair information, as well as support when and where it is needed”, explained Alan Grant, Design and Development Director at DW Windsor.

“As a service-led organisation, DW Windsor is committed to delivering the best possible experience for its customers. SupportTag will make the role of maintenance engineers that much simpler and faster”.

DW Windsor takes the challenge of becoming carbon neutral and creating a circular economy very seriously. By implementing this innovative solution across their luminaires portfolio, they plan to increase product longevity through regular maintenance and upgrade projects.

For more information, visit our dedicated webpage or contact our technical team.

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