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London Borough Brent save £850,000 with Kirium Pro

February 2019, by Gemma Snelling, Marketing Manager

DW Windsor are proud to have worked with Bouygues Energies & Services, PFIL, Design for Lighting, and Salix to deliver 21,000 Kirium Pro lanterns with Urban Control CMS, which have recently been installed throughout Brent during a 12-month investment programme.

Benefits of installing Kirium Pro:

  • Brighter pavements and roads to improve safety and visibility for residents and visitors.
  • £850,000 annual savings for London Borough Brent in reduced energy and maintenance costs.
  • 62% annual reduction in carbon emissions (down from 4,800 tonnes per year to 1,800 tonnes).
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Terry Dean, DW Windsor Group CEO comments,

" As a local supplier based in Hertfordshire – just 25 miles from the LB of Brent, we share a passion for safer, cleaner and greener neighbourhoods. We are proud to have delivered an energy focused solution: our Kirium Pro street lighting with Urban Control (an advanced Central Management Solution).

We were pleased to have helped the council in its mission to protect residents spend on services – delivering an almost immediate payback through a significant reduction in both energy consumption and carbon. And for residents; we’re pleased to have improved the quality of light within the borough "


Cllr Krupa Sheth, Brent's Cabinet Member for Environment concludes,

" By 2030 we will have saved over £9million by installing 21,000 LED street lights in Brent, more than any other London borough. LED lights are bright, clean and efficient. Our street lighting programme is an important part of our work to make Brent safer, cleaner and greener.

By 2020 the money we receive directly from Government will have been cut by 79%, so the £850,000 savings we have made from our new street lights will enable us to protect spending on services for our residents. I thank Salix, DW Windsor, Bouygues, PFIL and Design for Lighting for their hard work in making a brilliant success of this investment. I would also urge residents to consider using LED bulbs to light their own homes to save money and protect our environment "


For further information on the project: watch this video >

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