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DW Windsor partner with Seoul

March 2019, by Gemma Snelling, Marketing Manager

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is one of the fastest growing sectors in our industry for good reason.


With mounting scientific evidence that lighting has an impact on both body and mind: from influencing our sleep-wake cycles to speeding up recovery following illness, it’s no wonder that indoor lighting manufacturers – particularly in the education and healthcare markets have adapted their ranges to offer balance, comfort and wellness. With colour temperatures warmed, tuneable whites introduced, and controls installed.

But how do we achieve HCL (or circadian friendly lighting) externally?

DW Windsor has partnered with Seoul Semiconductor to make this possible for schemes where light for health and wellbeing is paramount, with the introduction of award-winning SunLike™ LED. 

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DW Windsor and Seoul believe that SunLike™, an LED solution attuned to our circadian rhythm and that mimics the SPD of natural daylight, will offer many benefits for outdoor lighting solutions.

Traditionally the generation of white LED light is based on a semiconductor chip which emits blue light, this is then partially converted to yellow and red. The mixture of blue light from the LED chip and the red and yellow through the phosphor conversion, results in white light, but still contains a high proportion of blue light.

The TRI-R technology, which is used in SunLike™, is based on a semiconductor chip that uniquely emits violet light. Therefore, unlike standard LEDs, SunLike™ has no unwanted blue peak and the light spectrum has no gaps.

Alan Grant, Design and Development Director, DW Windsor explains,

" as a responsible manufacturer, we always look to address industry concerns, most recently the negative publicity with regards to blue light content within LED. We therefore recommend, wherever possible, a colour temperature of 3000K or lower. However, with SunLike™ a CCT of 4000K can be specified with peace of mind. SunLike™ LED technology, which is said to mimic the spectral power distribution of the sun, has been shown, in university trials, to reduce eye strain and improve sleep patterns in the volunteers "


  • Closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight 
  • Enhanced colour clarity, for visual recognition
  • High CRI: 95Ra
  • SP ratio: 1.8 
  • Reduced blue light peak
  • Reduced glare
  • Increased visual comfort – proven to reduce eyestrain 
  • LUX Award Winner 2018: Enabling Technology of the Year >

SunLike™ is an advanced light source that combines the latest optical and compound semiconductor technology of Seoul Semiconductor and TRI-R technology.

DW Windsor are initially offering SunLike™ in their newly launched wall luminaire ranges; Kirium and Sephora.