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New Products – Garda Kit & Garda RGBW

October 2020


DW Windsor Expands Garda® Illuminated Handrail Range to Include Garda Kit and Garda RGBW

Introducing Garda Kit, the ideal solution for time-sensitive installations; plus Garda RGBW, providing functional white light with the option to quickly enhance locations through colour.

DW Windsor, the exterior lighting specialist, has extended its award-winning Garda illuminated handrail range to include a new kitted version and RGBW LED module. The products are the latest in a series of range expansions underling the British manufacturer’s commitment to bringing new innovations to market.

Originally launched in 2010, Garda was the first illuminated handrail of its kind, revolutionising the application of light across a wide spectrum of interior and exterior environments. What started as a solution-based development for difficult to light applications has evolved into a broad range of products which now includes Garda Kit and Garda RGBW.

“Lighting designers and architects love the versatility that Garda provides across a wide range of applications from stairwells to bridges,” said Esther Newton, Garda Business Unit Manager at DW Windsor. “With the addition of Garda Kit and Garda RGBW we’re continuing to expand the tools available to designers for illuminating hard to light locations.”

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Garda Kit

Designed as a solution for time-sensitive installations, Garda Kit introduces several additional components that have been engineered to support self-installation. The innovative modular system is highly adaptable and perfectly suited to a wide variety of applications.

With Garda Kit, joints are concealed using splices and changes of direction are easily accommodated thanks to fixed and variable corner sections. The new range also features an innovative fastening system that allows sections to be securely connected without any visible fixing points.

Garda Kit is manufactured from premium grade 316 stainless steel selected for its excellent corrosion resistance and increased durability. The new range is compatible with all the Garda LED modules and constructed using precision components for a superior fit and finish.

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Garda RGBW Module

Building on the success of Garda Pro and Garda Comfort, DW Windsor has released Garda RGBW to further broaden the range of LED modules available for Garda. The new module provides functional white light with the option to quickly add vibrant colours to any scheme.

Perfect for architectural applications including retail or entertainment locations, Garda RGBW offers a flexible solution designed to enhance locations through the addition of colour.

The new module is available in 300mm, 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm lengths and features advanced optics to provide a highly diffused symmetrical distribution with no visible LEDs.

To learn about the full Garda range, view the new Garda brochure here.

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