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Designs for Lighting and DW Windsor produce award winning ecological lighting scheme for Dorothy House

May 2019, by Gemma Snelling, Marketing Manager

DW Windsor are proud to be part of the project team recently granted a ‘Good Lighting award’ by the Commission for Dark Skies.

Ryan Carroll, Lighting Designer at Designs for Lighting explains,

" The brief was to provide a lighting assessment for the planning application for the car parks. However, as the site is in an area of outstanding natural beauty and parts of the site were dark with ecologically sensitive boundaries, the team realised this would be a challenging project where lighting could potentially cause a problem "


DfL devised a strategy which outlined a sensitive approach to lighting. This needed to consider neighbourhood, landscape and ecological sensitivities. DW Windsor worked closely with DfL to produce a custom version of Kirium Pro Mini adding special shields, Pharola DS and a PIR system to dim the luminaires, demonstrating the required levels of control needed for the project.

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The Commission for Dark Skies scrutinised the lighting layout closely to ensure the proposals would not be detrimental to the Dark Sky in the area, but ultimately decided this to be an award-winning scheme.

Tom Harper, Starlit Skies Alliance for Bath and Surrounds commented,

" This alliance, including the CAONB and CPRE, has formed up as a positive force for urgent change. We warmly congratulate Dorothy House and their team for the exemplar leadership in achieving benefits to biodiversity, human health, protection of a starlit sky and cost efficiency "


Project team: NVB Architects, Designs for Lighting, DW Windsor, WYG, Ridge and Rackham Planning, MJ Church. 

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