Weila Concrete

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Weila Concrete has a simple and pleasing form

Weila Concrete is a configurable bench in both circular (see Weila Concrete Rund) or linear shapes, and is available in customisable sizes for true scheme flexibility. Designed to fit quietly into parks and public spaces, Weila Concrete's harmonious proportions are perfectly balanced.

  • Seating slats are made from FSC-certified hardwood
  • Timber is supplied with a stained or oiled finish as standard to protect the concrete from tannin stains
  • Natural timber finishes which will silver down with exposure to the elements are available on request
  • Alternative painted finished including standard RAL's are available on request
  • Can be configured in both circular or linear shapes

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Styles in this family


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    Weila Concrete Seat

  • Weila Concrete Bench Seating Product style image 150x120px

    Weila Concrete Bench

  • Weila Concrete Table Seating Product style image 150x120px

    Weila Concrete Table

Weila Concrete Seat

    Item  Dimensions (mm)    Weight (kg)
    Weila Seat 221  H: 470, D: 580, L: 2210    185
    Weila Seat 271  H: 470, D: 580, L: 2710    205

Weila Concrete Bench

    Item  Dimensions (mm)    Weight (kg)
    Weila Bench 221  H: 450, D: 490, L: 2210    145
    Weila Bench 271  H: 450, D: 490, L: 2710    190
    Weila Double Bench 221  H: 470, D: 780, L: 2210    250
    Weila Double Bench 271  H: 470, D: 780, L: 2710    295

Weila Concrete Table

    Item  Dimensions (mm)    Weight (kg)
    Weila Table 221  H: 750, D: 707, L: 2210    308
    Weila Table 271  H: 750, D: 707, L: 2710    375

Weila Chain

Weila seats and benches can be linked together to create infinite chains of seating. 

Contact us to create a purpose designed solution for your project.

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LED Furniture

Seating underlit with LED.  DWW can provide illuminated solutions for all of our benches and seating. 

From simple white light to a full RGB installation, we can provide the perfect lighting solution for your scheme.


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Forest Stewardship Council®

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Runge GmbH & Co. KG is FSC® certified SCS-COC-000465, Licence Number FSC-C019922.

DW Windsor hold a FSC® Trademark Service Licence, Licence Number FSC-N002069, which can be checked at http://info.fsc.org/nonholder.php.

Detailed Specification

Mechanical and installation

Feet: Cast concrete
Seat: FSC® hardwood
Natural wood
Cast in-ground
Bolt down

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