'Best value solution' LED replacement for Bucks CC

The challenge

Transport for Buckinghamshire were keen to address several key criteria, namely increased light levels and increased energy-efficiency, with the ability to save energy further by dimming strategic route lighting.

Clients and partners


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    Ringway Jacobs

  • Client

    Transport for Buckinghamshire

Key project requirements

  • Best value / full-life cost.
  • Reduced carbon emissions.
  • Increased lighting levels.
  • Increased energy efficiency.

The solution

Transport for Buckinghamshire, an integrated service contract for Bucks CC and Ringway Jacobs, chose DW Windsor as their preferred supplier of luminaires for the third year of their current replacement programme of over 40 main roads.

The total project cost £3.9 million over the four years of the programme and involved the replacement of approx 2,600 low and high pressure sodium lanterns (250W, 150W and 135W and 90W lamps) each year.

A combination of Kirium 1, Kirium 2 and Kirium 3 luminaires were specified.

Two dimming regimes were used; single stage dimming to 70% light output between 22.00 and 06.00 hours and a two stage multi-level regime of 70% / 50% / 70% light output.

" DW Windsor were a tremendous asset in procuring an energy efficient, low carbon solution. Helping Bucks realise their green potential and providing a best value solution for year 3 of the project. The new lanterns are intended to give a brighter and cleaner light which is also more directional, reducing light pollution and glare in driver’s eyes. 

Low carbon footprint was a big factor as well as energy savings against our current equipment. We were consulted every step of the way on packaging, delivery processes and options and by working together managed to create a minimum waste solution for delivery and storage "

 Transport for Buckinghamshire

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