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Vandal resistant cycle rack

Urban furniture is unfortunately often the subject of vandalism and can be repeatedly damaged or even destroyed.  Whilst we can not completely prevent this with our high quality products, we can at least use extremely durable material that minimises damage. 

  • Vanda comes in two lengths: 250mm and 900mm
  • Each size is available as root or flange mounted
  • Made from hot-dip galvanised steel with a matt finish

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Options in this range

Name Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
Vanda 25 Height: 900, Width: 250, Depth: 50 5 (Flange plate), 6 (Buried root)
Vanda 90 Height: 900, Width: 900, Depth: 50 7 (Flange plate), 8 (Buried root)
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" For bicycles and e-bikes, cycle stands and racks provide a defined location for safe parking. They are functionally safer and creatively more beautiful to integrate into the city landscape "

Detailed Specification

Mechanical and installation

Galvanised steel 50mm square tube
Product colours:
DB 703 Textured metallic dark grey
Buried root
Flange plate

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