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Comfortable seating for all generations

Calma offers young and old a welcome place of rest and relaxation. A very convenient park bench for many applications. The slightly arched seat and the high back guarantee comfortable sitting in different postures.

  • Available in a range of geometries and lengths, including a complementary table
  • Seating slats are made from FSC-certified hardwood
  • Timber is supplied in a natural finish as standard (no lacquer or stain), which will silver down with exposure to the elements
  • Stained or oiled finished are available on request to provide protection from UV rays
  • Armrests provide a stand-up aid and effective skater protection
  • Hidden ground fixings for a clean elegant appearance

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Styles in this family


  • calma 205

    Calma Seat

  • Calma plus 204

    Calma Plus

  • Calma lounge 204

    Calma Lounge

  • Calma Bench 204

    Calma Bench

" This family of benches makes it possible to design parks, squares and promenades in a uniform way: depending on the target user group.  The Calma Plus range is raised by 6cm and more upright to aid in standing for aging generations.  Calma Lounge is more relaxed, suitable for a younger audience "

Calma Seat

    Item Dimensions (mm)   Weight (kg)
    Calma Seat 65 H:840, D:650, L:650   28
    Calma Seat 135  H:840, D:650, L:1350   40
    Calma Seat 204  H:840, D:650, L:2040   52

Calma Plus

    Item Dimensions (mm)    Weight (kg)
    Calma Plus 65 H:900, D:650, L:650    32
    Calma Plus 135  H:900, D:650, L:1350    40
    Calma Plus 204  H:900, D:650, L:2040    52 

Calma Lounge

    Item Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
    Calma Lounge 83 H:690, L:830  32
    Calma Lounge 135  H:690, L:1350  45
    Calma Lounge 204  H:690, L:2040  58

Calma Bench

    Item Dimensions (mm)    Weight (kg)
    Calma Bench 204 H:450, D:450, L:2040    40

Calma Table

    Item Dimensions (mm)    Weight (kg)
    Calma Table 160 H:740, D:650, L:1600    55

LED Furniture

Seating underlit with LED.  DWW can provide illuminated solutions for all of our benches and seating. 

From simple white light to a full RGB installation, we can provide the perfect lighting solution for your scheme.


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Forest Stewardship Council®

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