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Ultimate design flexibility

Binga is a configurable bench in both circular (see Binga Rund) or linear shapes, and is available in customisable sizes for true scheme flexibility.

  • Seating slats are made from FSC-certified hardwood
  • Timber is supplied in a natural finish as standard (no lacquer or stain), which will silver down with exposure to the elements
  • Stained or oiled finishes are available on request to provide protection from UV rays
  • The galvanised steel legs are coated in DB 703
  • Alternative painted finishes including standard RAL's are available on request


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Styles in this family


  • Binga Seat

  • Binga Bench

  • Binga Stool

Binga Seat

    Item Dimensions (mm)    Weight (kg)
    Binga Seat 204 H:840, D:590, L:2040    135

    Binga Seat 211

    (with arms)

H:840, D:590, L:2110    140
    Binga Seat 254 H:840, D:590, L:2540    148

    Binga Seat 261

    (with arms)

H:840, D:590, L:2610    153

Binga Bench

    Item Dimensions (mm)    Weight (kg)
    Binga Bench 204 H:470, D:460, L:2040    101

    Binga Bench 211

    (with arms)

H:470, D:460, L:2110    103
    Binga Bench 254 H:470, D:460, L:2540    110

    Binga Bench 261

    (with arms)

H:470, D:460, L:2610    112

Binga Stool

    Item Dimensions (mm)    Weight (kg)
    Binga Stool 46 H:470, D:460, L:460    73


LED Furniture

Seating underlit with LED.  DWW can provide illuminated solutions for all of our benches and seating. 

From simple white light to a full RGB installation, we can provide the perfect lighting solution for your scheme.


Forest Stewardship Council®

FSC logo Seating 548x548px

Runge GmbH & Co. KG is FSC® certified SCS-COC-000465, Licence Number FSC-C019922.

DW Windsor hold a FSC® Trademark Service Licence, Licence Number FSC-N002069, which can be checked at

Materials: Galvanised steel
FSC hardwood
Finish: Polyester powder coat
Mounting: Bolt down buried base
Product colours: DB703

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