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Reclaim our dark skies with Star Count 2019

February 2019, by Gemma Snelling, Marketing Manager

Lighting by its very nature modifies the night time environment so, as a conscientious lighting manufacturer, we take our responsibilities seriously: working hard to produce products with the appropriate control options and lighting designs which enhance and protect our night sky.

A starry night is one of the most magical sights, but for many of us - light pollution and sky glow can, unfortunately, obscure our view. Star Count 2019 is helping to reclaim starry nights by reconnecting people with the wonder of our glorious night skies.

This February the British Astronomical Association are asking us to look up at the night sky and log how many stars we can see in Orion. The results will help create a map showing the best places to enjoy the stars, and will also support their work to combat light pollution. Click here to take part >    Follow: #StarCount2019

How we help to preserve the night sky

  • Our range features sensitively designed Dark Sky compliant products
  • We offer warm colour temperatures: the Dark-Sky Association (IDA) recommends 3000K or lower
  • Many of our products feature a defined light cut off (no light above 90 degrees / 0% ULOR)
  • All of our products feature precision optics: which direct light exactly where needed
  • We offer accessories, such as glare shields and baffles, where required, to further minimise light spill and glow

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