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Technical update - Kirium Pro

December 2017

We are pleased to announce that Kirium Pro has received ENEC Certification - the high-quality European Mark for electrical products that demonstrate compliance with European standards.

Unlike the CE Mark, which is self-certified, the ENEC Mark is completely voluntary and only granted by approved independent laboratories, such as BSI. The ENEC Mark demonstrates our commitment to ISO 9001 quality management, providing assurance to our customers with regards to the performance and safety of our luminaires. 

DW Windsor representative commented:

" we're delighted to receive independent certification for Kirium Pro. The ENEC seal of approval means our customers can be sure that the Kirium Pro range delivers real quality and performance "


Furthermore, Kirium Pro has been independently tested to BS EN 60068-2-6: 2008 to determine its ability to withstand specified severities of sinusoidal vibration

DW Windsor representative continues, " Fantastic news for our range. We test all of our products on-site, in our own approved laboratory, so we knew that Kirium Pro performs. This is evident in its acceptance by several councils such as the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and Wandsworth, but receiving this third-party certification for constant vibration conditions (for our Kirium Pro 3 - 60mm side entry and Kirium Pro 2 - 42mm side entry) really reaffirms it position in the market and expands the range's application possibilities further "

Take a look at the Kirium Pro product page for more information.