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Our top 5 most-read articles of 2019

January 2020, by Gemma Snelling, Marketing Manager

2020 has officially arrived and we have an exciting year of NEW content and projects ahead of us. But before then we’ve dug through our data to bring you our most popular articles of 2019.

So, what resonated with you most last year?

Most read articles

1) How to reduce glare

Topping our list, a guide on what constitutes glare and how to reduce it in your lighting schemes. Whether it’s at design, installation or post-install/rectification stage – see our helpful hints.

2) How to light pedestrian crossings

Discussing the 3 main principals and all the considerations you need to ensure safety; our how-to light pedestrian crossings tackles this tricky lighting application and provides our top product recommendations.

3) Understanding SP ratios

Scotopic/Photopic ratios: why do we have them and when are they used? Relatively new on the scene, the SP ratio has caused quite the stir, brush up on your knowledge and how to apply them.

4) Top tips for car park lighting

From best practice to controls, this article takes you through our top 5 tips for excellent car park lighting schemes.

5) Understanding UMS charge codes

What is a UMS Charge code and how do you get one when you need it? Find out here.