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Go beyond the ordinary

NEW: Sleek and sophisticated range of bollards and waymarkers

June 2018, by Gemma Snelling, Marketing Manager

The need for light is universal. Doing it in style? Well, that's a choice. DW Windsor unveil a new range of stylish bollards, daring you to go beyond the ordinary.


Defined by clean lines and performance, Ren, DW Windsor's new range of LED bollards and waymarkers, have been introduced to challenge the conventional perception of illuminated bollards - discretely proportioned, deceptively powerful and energy efficient!

Available in two widths (90/160mm) and three heights (400/600/1000mm), Ren features a unique and genuinely innovative optical system, meeting the requirements of public spaces, including retail, commercial and housing developments. 

Ren is available in a choice of two distributions. Performance (160lm) and Performance Plus (525lm): which offers improved volumetric vertical illumination for facial recognition and increased ambient lighting. 

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Ren's comfortable, ambient illumination is ideal for both waymarking and functional lighting. Moreover, it packs an impressive punch in the colour rendering department, with an 80Ra. To ensure this new addition ticks all your boxes, there are a range of colour temperatures - from a warm 2700K to 4000K and mounting options (root/flange/bolt on root). 

DW Windsor representative commented, " if you are looking for a bollard for pathways and wayfinding, designers need to look no further than the Ren range. Here we have truly managed to combine style and performance: Ren has a sleek aesthetic, with highly performing optics, which, despite its compact dimensions, can achieve P5 lighting classes at 6m spacings "


Interested in this new range of illuminated bollards? Then please visit our Ren page to find out more.