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Working Safely During Coronavirus (Part 3)

August 2020

Whilst many businesses prepare to reopen for the first time since restrictions were introduced at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, for DW Windsor it’s business as usual. As documented through our #MakeLifeWork blog series, DW Windsor has remained operational throughout COVID-19 thanks to the hard work and dedication of our staff. And whilst the virus has presented new challenges, a core team of employees has been working tirelessly to ensure the company can operate safely, both from home and as we migrate back to the office, protecting our staff and minimising the impact on customers.

An Interview with Michael

For the final instalments in our #MakeLifeWork series, we’re highlighting the extraordinary efforts of our staff, who have kept DW Windsor operating under the most challenging of circumstances. Told through a set of five interviews, the series discusses DW Windsor’s response to coronavirus, the impact it has had on the lighting industry and lessons we have learned from the experience.

Today we’re talking to Michael as we focus on the work of our Customer Service team and their efforts to support the needs of our customers throughout the pandemic.

(This is part three of a five-part series, you can read the previous posts here and here)


What impact did coronavirus have on the Customer Service team?

At DW Windsor, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a personal service. We see ourselves as solution providers; fulfilling the needs of our customers has always been our top priority.

Whilst the majority of our staff switched to working from home at the start of lockdown, we decided the Customer Service team would continue operating from our offices. Offering continuity to customers at a time of change was extremely important to us, and by spreading ourselves across separate areas of our building, we could safely remain on-site and accessible to clients.

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Michael Malins, Business Operations Manager

Michael has been with DW Windsor for over 12 years, working his way through the ranks to become Business Operations Manager. As well as managing the Customer Service department, he plays a key role in supporting tenders and dealing with Business Operation matters.

At DW Windsor, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a personal service. With the uncertainty that coronavirus brings, it’s important for customers to understand the team is here to help, now and always.

—Michael Malins, Business Operations Manager

How has the Customer Service team adapted throughout lockdown?

When the country entered lockdown, we needed to understand the potential impact on our customers as quickly as possible and adjust our working practices to accommodate their changing needs. This included adopting new forms of communication to help engage with clients working from home.

We also took the opportunity to consider the long-term effects of coronavirus and refine our internal practices to ensure we’re fully prepared to support customers in the event of a second wave. With the uncertainty that coronavirus has brought to our industry, it’s important for customers to understand the team is here to help, now and always.


How do you think the industry will change as a result of COVID-19?

I believe communication will continue to play a pivotal role in our industry. At DW Windsor, we’re encouraging more face-to-face communication with customers as we recognise the value it adds to a relationship or project. Although video conferencing has become more popular in recent months, when the time is right I think we will see a shift back to meeting in person where possible.

We often refer to the lighting industry as a community, and in times of crisis, communities come together. I believe there will be a desire to get back to how things were as quickly as possible. This pandemic has allowed organisations to review their processes and ways of working and I think many businesses will come back stronger and with their focus very much on the customer.


What is the greatest lesson you have learnt during lockdown?

I’ve learnt just how resilient our staff are. I’ve witnessed everyone working incredibly hard to ensure that we can continue to offer the best service possible. This pandemic has confirmed what I already knew: that DW Windsor is full of exceptional people who really care about what they do.

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