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Go beyond the ordinary

Lighting designed for people and places

June 2018, by Gemma Snelling, Marketing Manager

DW Windsor gives power to the professionals designing our urban spaces with the launch of their new, modular, customisable lighting solution - Sephora.


The comprehensive new range is crammed full of forward thinking advantages, lumen packages, from 1000 to 34000lm, 0% ULOR and colour temperatures ranging from 2200K - 4000K; inspiring creativity in the built environment, without compromise

Furthermore, Sephora is a true Smart City ready range, designed to accommodate internal nodes, the SmartCore supports a range of control options with minimal aesthetic impact. 

Available in a choice of Comfort or Performance light engines, 3 sizes: 450, 650  and Halo, and with two stunning aesthetics: Radius and Cubis, the range - circular in shape - is extremely versatile in application. 

Comfort vs Performance - why not have both? 

Both light engines offer superior performance. 

Choose Comfort for projects that demand more than just functional illumination. A low-glare, diffused, homogenous light, available in warmer colour temperatures (2200K, 2700K and 3000K), with excellent optical quality and vertical illumination. Suitable for pedestrianised town centres, public parks and housing developments. 

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Choose the Performance light engine for optimised performance and efficacy, specifically designed for traffic applications.

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Is this the shape of things to come?

The new distinctly circular lighting range extends to applications from large area, high output illumination to low-level, human-focused lighting of pedestrian squares and urban spaces; whatever the application, the Sephora range has it covered.

Sephora’s understated design is consistent across the range for visual cohesion across multiple applications. DW Windsor offer two standard designs Radius - a contemporary curved aesthetic, and Cubis - a simple, clean, angular aesthetic.

When asked about the thoughts behind the new range, Neil Parrott, Design Manager at DW Windsor commented, " with the Sephora range we wanted to offer an alternative to the standard square LED lights we all see. With its clean sweeping curvatures, and abundance of features for modern day human-centric lighting applications, we hope to have handed designers a product that delivers choice, performance and aesthetics "

To provide ultimate design flexibility, DW Windsor have built-in the ability to create something truly unique for your schemes by offering a range of customisable features.


Want to find out how this exciting new range can inspire your creative palate? Then please visit our Sephora page.