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NEW product: introducing Kirium and Sephora wall

March 2019

NEW from DW Windsor

Featuring SunLike™, a new innovative and award-winning LED which mimics the spectral power distribution of natural sunlight


We’re excited to launch a NEW economical, high-performance and feature-packed range of wall-mounted luminaires: extensions to our popular Kirium and Sephora families.

At 122lm/W Sephora and Kirium wall offers market-leading efficiency, further enhanced with energy-saving control options, from photocell dimming to integral CMS.

With a choice of 3 application-specific distributions for extremely efficient, and precise lighting control (with a 0% ULOR), wide spacings (of in excess of 20m) are achievable, reducing the required number of luminaires needed per installation.

Unlike many standard bulkheads and wall packs on the market, Kirium and Sephora wall are IP66 rated and have a predicted lifetime of in excess of 100,000 hours (L80 B10).

Installer friendly, lightweight and unobtrusive, speed of installation is achieved through a simple two-step first-fix base plate – with automatic electrical disconnection for safety.

The BREEAM compliant range is available in various colours to suit many urban designs. Furthermore, to meet the demands for warmer whites, they are available in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K and, for schemes where lighting for people is of the utmost importance, consider SunLike™ - a new technology set to transform LED lighting.

Exceptional light quality is achieved with SunLike™ LEDs. Mimicking natural sunlight, low wavelength blue LED light is removed: supporting human circadian rhythm and clinically proven to reduce eyestrain and improve sleep patterns.


Mitchel Waite, Product Manager at DW Windsor says:

" we've designed a product that's optimised for today's technology (not retrofitted) AND future-fit for tomorrow's. The benefit to our customers is a no-compromise, true fit-and-forget solution with one of the longest lifetimes on the market " 

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