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NEW product: introducing Kirium bollard

February 2019

NEW from DW Windsor

We are all familiar with connected or ‘Smart’ streetlighting but Smart bollards… less so, right?


DW Windsor is pleased to announce the launch of its new Kirium bollard, complementary to their Kirium Pro offer (which includes street lantern and wall luminaire).

Unique to DW Windsor: integral CMS, presence detection and emergency options are available within this classically styled, high performance bollard. Which, like their Kirium Pro range of street lanterns, offer superior functionality at an economical price point.

With a choice of two styles and two diameters, the robust bollard range combines a vandal resistant design with market leading optical performance.

Low glare for visual comfort, exceptionally efficient and application dedicated optics direct light to exactly where needed. Options include Asymmetric, Symmetric and, for environmentally sensitive projects where a defined cut-off is required: a 180°distribution.

2700K (80Ra) / 3000K and 4000K (70Ra) colour temperatures provide purpose illumination for pathways, footpaths and building surrounds. With typical spacings of 12m achievable – Kirium is designed to meet P lighting classes.

If you're looking for a coordinated range of luminaires, look no further, the Kirium range has everything you are looking for, take a look >