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Local Authority Lighting: Energy Crisis Q&A Event

January 2023


Local Authority Lighting: Energy Crisis Q&A

With energy prices continuing to rise, Local Authorities are now facing difficult choices regarding their lighting networks and are beginning to question when and what lighting must be provided.

Recognising this, on 2nd February 2023, the Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) will host a special one-off event entitled, Local Authority Lighting: Energy Crisis Q&A to discuss the ongoing challenges and the potential impact on road and street lighting.

DW Windsor is pleased to support this important event which includes CPD talks and advice on several topics, including:

  • How not to turn the street lights off: Energy crisis guidance for street lighting authorities
  • You can’t replace your street lights for solar… yet!
  • Future funding
  • How to gain savings from inventory (no matter how neglected your records are)
  • Panel Session with local authority experts – including the front line, and the bottom line

In addition, there will be an exhibition showcase where DW Windsor will be presenting our latest energy-saving solutions, including our Kirium Pro S luminaire and Cellular Node.

This in-person event is free to Local Authorities, who can signup using the adjacent link. Alternatively, please contact Kieron Jarvis, who will be happy to organise tickets on your behalf.

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Date & Time

2 February 2023
10am - 4pm













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