Human eye with blue light

Alan Grant to speak at LuxLive

October 2018, by Gemma Snelling, Marketing Manager

Blue light in cities: Addressing public concern

Alarmist media reports have stoked public concern about LED lighting in urban environments and especially the effect of blue light on city-dwellers’ wellbeing. What are the facts behind the headlines? Here Grant provides some overdue balance to the debate.

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Date & Time

Wednesday 14th November - 12pm

About Alan

Offering extensive industry experience, over 30 years’, Alan was heavily involved in the evolution of lamp to LED technology at DW Windsor. A published writer, within various trade publications, Alan has a unique ability to translate technical complexities, such as the effects of colour temperature and quality on human physiology. He has a keen interest in the application of technology to improve user experiences and in the innovative application of light to help reduce accidents and fatalities.